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Know your processes. Own your processes.

The only end-to-end Process Intelligence platform built to transform your entire business.


Answer deeper questions, make a bigger impact.

Easy to use artificial intelligence and machine learning for transformative process excellence.



Uncover automation opportunities

Make data-driven decisions for end-to-end process optimization. Combine data from desktop activities and event logs from operational systems with an easy-to-use, point-and-click interface and over 25 best-practice process analysis tools that surface the biggest opportunities for automation.


Alert for and suggest better actions

Empower users with protocol analysis that uncovers areas where required process execution rules are violated, including the order in which the tasks and process steps should occur, time limits of how long certain events should take, and when any step is missing or repeated.


Improve productivity

Identify how productive each user is and the amount of time each user has spent on the different applications and web sites. Discover which applications and websites are frequently used and which users are highly productive.


Remove friction from tasks

Delve into the details of each task in the process to determine which tasks the most productive users are working on and which tasks are being worked on in parallel. Develop strategies to narrow the most critical process gaps by addressing the corresponding root causes.


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Build a process control and command center

Monitor employee productivity and other key process elements, identify trends, and ultimately improve processes over time. Deliver analytics to business users based on as-is process execution and provide an interactive process digital twin.

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100% end-to-end process transparency

Whether your data is sitting in a spreadsheet, a database, SAP Business Warehouse, or locked away in separate systems of record, Timeline can retrieve the data you need, in real time or on a schedule. No matter how many systems store your process data, Timeline’s technology will present you full, end-to-end visualization of your processes.

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Continuous process improvement

Process improvement never stops. Timeline automatically monitors process performance, assisting in triggering remediation processes or RPA technologies.

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Predict issues before they happen

Detect patterns on historical process execution and make intelligent predictions that apply to ongoing processes. Recommend immediate course corrections and alert the right team members.


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Rapidly deploy and scale

A single platform means everything is in one place and your team can be operational much faster than typical business intelligence initiatives. Even the most sophisticated implementations can be deployed without coding or programming. Load data, then analyze – it’s that fast!

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Save time and money

Eliminate waste by streamlining and simplifying operations to reduce operating expenses while enhancing processing speed, accuracy, and consistency. Timeline does the work of evaluating your processes, making it easy to identify business process improvement opportunities, and delivering a faster time to value on your process improvement initiatives.

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Course-correct your robotic workforce

Review historical robot process data to uncover trends and proactively take action with analytics-based decisions that stop problems in their tracks and ensure that your robotic workforce is performing effectively.

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Ensure compliance and eliminate risk

Use a single Process Intelligence platform to gain 100% visibility and understanding of your organization's process performance and compliance across all of your diverse systems. Receive alerts when rules set in place are broken, and follow up immediately to ensure that it won’t happen again.

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Improve the customer experience

Observe your “as-is” processes and identify areas for improvement that will impact customer satisfaction.


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Tailored for the business user

Access to Timeline data is not limited to analysts and advanced IT users. With Timeline, business users can easily build in-depth queries, automatically discover process execution, drill in to the granular details, predict outcomes, and monitor operations to ensure processes execute according to plan.

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Do it all yourself

Timeline enables sophisticated process understanding using a programming-free, browser-based, point-and-click interface. You can create advanced analytics and filters without coding and share tailored dashboards without the intervention of IT or third-party tools.

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Cloud availability

Access the platform 24/7/365, whenever you need to. Updates and new features are available the minute they’re released. Encryption, two-factor authentication, and many more security features keep you and your data safe.

Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of Process Analytics

Understanding your business process just got a whole lot easier!

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