The foundation of Process Intelligence

Use advanced task and process mining, powered by artificial intelligence, to deliver 360-degree visibility into business operations and combine insights from people, processes, and content. Go beyond existing approaches and gain complete visibility into your business processes with insights from unstructured and semi-structured content delivered by ABBYY’s market-leading Process Intelligence platform. Extract data from any combination of your IT systems and recreate end-to-end processes as a process digital twin. Automatically visualize process flow, bottlenecks, path variations, and make data-driven recommendations for improvement.

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NelsonHall Names ABBYY a Leader in 2021 Process Discovery & Mining NEAT Assessment


For the second year in a row, NelsonHall has named ABBYY a Leader in the NEAT assessment due to its process and task mining capabilities and the technology’s ability to help organizations understand their business processes and plan change initiatives.

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Discover your "as-is" processes with process mining

Combine task-level details with intuitive point-and-click process analysis tools to provide a unified end-to-end and top-to-bottom operational understanding. Ensure that digital transformation initiatives deliver predictable results and do not cause unintended consequences.

Task Mining

Capture and record desktop user interactions to see all the variations of how tasks are performed.

Timeline Analysis

Visualize your end-to-end process from reconstructed process instances, even across multiple back-end systems.

Schema analysis

Automatically visualize process schemas in both structured and ad hoc or case management business process environments.

Path analysis

Easily compare variations and highlight outliers that may be costing you more than expected, or introducing operational risk.

Primary Path View

See the most frequent and common flow of events, finding deviations from the common flow, the reasons for such deviations, and revealing them from different perspectives.

The steps to discovering your processes

Benefits 117B 77X77

Record user interactions

Non-intrusively collect session logs and capture all the variations of how tasks are performed over a long period of time.

Benefits 121G 77X77

Extract data

Event data is extracted – without integration – from any combination of enterprise or departmental software systems and uploaded into Timeline.

Benefits 217B 77X77

Process and map events

Load the data and visualize your process; its that easy. Only the three fields are needed to get started (adding more creates richer content): a unique identifier, Timestamp, and an event name.

Benefits 119G 77X77

Create "as-is" visualization

The data is converted into timelines where you can observe the “who, what, when, and where” of process execution, including relevant subprocesses.

End process inefficiency today

Features 141 44X44

Gain unparalleled visualization with full transparency and insight into end-to-end process execution.

Features 134 44X44

Understand the details behind the process as it really works based on the data you already have.

Features 103 44X44

Identify process compliance or risk issues based on the real data – so you can improve high value processes.

Features 142 44X44

Easily and quickly target and quantify high-impact process improvements that save time and money.

Features 106 44X44

Guarantee employee methods, motives and capabilities are meeting your expectations.

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