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Improve the future of work with process simulation and predictive and prescriptive analytics. Timeline can predict the next steps within the process flow just by observing past events. It also enables you to simulate potential changes to a process and see the impact, so you can make process optimization decisions with confidence.

Take action before it's too late

Build on the foundation of process mining. Understand the process with advanced analytics. Now you can utilize machine learning to improve and optimize your processes. No other solution offers the same amount of process insight and analytics on one platform.

Justify process advancements with confidence

In the competitive business environment, today every organization is looking for ways to make improvements to processes. The issue is that they are always looking at data from the past, and there is no guarantee that the process is going to consistently flow the same way every time. What if you could not only see what will happen next, but also prescribe a solution to avoid a problem or costly mistake before it happens?

With prescriptive analytics, not only will you be able to see what deviations may happen within the process, but you can get a solution to the issue. After analyzing all of your data, Timeline technology observes event executions and predicts the next best action. Utilizing this knowledge, it can then inform you as to how to address the deviations that may happen.

Predictive AND prescriptive analytics

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Predict occurrence of events

Stop guessing, see what will happen next with insight into your processes. Make your processes more efficient with machine learning technology to save time, money and labor.

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Prescribe solutions

Utilize Timeline’s prescriptive analytics to learn where you can fix process flows when they deviate. Not only diagnosing the problems in real-time but also make changes to ensure positive outcomes.

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Simulate changes

With a new Process Simulation tool, Timeline 6.0 enables you to simulate potential changes in a process and evaluate the impact that the changes will have on the entire business process, before you make them.

You can't improve what you don't understand

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Predict potential deviations and address them before they arise.

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Predict what events will happen together and ensure that they always happen that way.

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Continuously monitor and analyze your data to prescribe solutions.

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Utilize the most ideal path and ensure that other processes follow the same format.

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Reduce time and costs and ensure compliance in real-time within your processes.

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Assess effectiveness of process optimization decisions before making them.

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