ABBYY Timeline

Know your processes. Own your processes.

The only end-to-end Process Intelligence platform built to transform your entire business.

Use cases

Timeline maximizes the wealth of data contained within enterprise systems to help discover patterns and insights that illuminate paths to better customer experience and new operational efficiencies. Enterprises can now automate processes reliant on structured and unstructured content and extract meaningful information needed to make processes run optimally, and make intelligent business decisions.

03A Timeline Cases RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Use Process Intelligence to better identify, design, implement, and monitor RPA initiatives to realize the greatest return on those investments. Reinforce best practices to ensure continuous improvement from your RPA system.

03B Timeline Cases Finance

Banking and financial services

As Big Data grows, financial service providers need smarter analytics to stay competitive. Drive digital transformation and support risk and regulatory compliance priorities, leveraging process data to improve efficiencies.

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03C Timeline Cases Healthcare


Improve the patient experience while maintaining quality standards and driving new efficiencies. Intelligent process analytics help you understand what’s working, what’s not, and why.

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03D Timeline Cases Insurance


Optimize multiple connected steps in the claims cycle, secure customer loyalty, and ensure positive business outcomes. With insurance process analytics, deliver business value for internal staff, partners, and third-party support organizations.

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03E Timeline Cases Service Now


Ensure continuous improvement from your IT Help Desk. Automatically discover and visualize logged ServiceNow® incidents or task processes to identify ticketing process bottlenecks, uncover and avoid SLA violations, or find the causes of unnecessary, avoidable tickets.

03F Timeline Cases Supply Chain Management

Procurement and supply chain management

Optimize supply chain efficiency and improve the purchasing and sourcing process. Discover, analyze, and monitor how your procurement process really works to uncover delays that cost time and money and discover the most efficient process paths.

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