Video tutorials

Watch the demo below to see ABBYY Task Mining capabilities in action

The ABBYY Timeline platform uses Task Mining capabilities to see all the variations of how tasks are performed. In the Recording service interface you can set up templates or policies to ensure user privacy by defining parameters for recordings. Only when logs are reviewed, can the data be pushed to the Timeline platform for intelligent analysis. In this example, we look at Expense Report tasks and identify the suitability for automation. 

Video tutorials

Task Mining

How to identify all the variations of how tasks are performed and identify the best cases for automation

Detailed Instance Tutorial

How to analyze detailed process instances with ABBYY Timeline

Path Analysis

How to analyze paths, detect behaviors and improve process efficiency

Process Schema

How to utilize process schema editor to analyze workflows

Side-by-Side Analysis

How to gain advanced visibility on different processes

Time Interval Measurement

How to use the time interval measurement tool to analyze time between two activities

Breakdown Analysis

How to find the root cause of process lags and delays with Breakdown Analysis

Cost Analysis

How to identify the processes that are more costly to your business


How to use ABBYY Timeline Dashboards and set up KPI overviews

Workflow Analysis

How to analyze processes that utilize queue-based routing of people or work items

Duration Analysis

How to use duration metrics to get a better understanding of processes data

Filtering and Sets

How to configure filter groups and create sets of data

Order of Events

How to reorder the sequence of events within a process and adjust workflow queues

Time Range Analysis

How to configure and analyze time ranges for select occurrences of events

Distribution Analysis

How to identify and analyze the priority of specified events within a process

Metric History Analysis

How to plot and analyze the trend of any given metrics within process instances

Online training

Session 1

In this segment you will learn about Process Discovery

Session 2

In this segment you will learn about Process Analysis and Monitoring

Session 3

In this segment you will learn about Dashboarding, Workflow, and Administrative Functions

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